Autumn Harvest Country Fair ********* Saturday, November 15!

Autumn Harvest Country Fair
Thanks to ReDawna Jackson for coming up with so many game and activity ideas!
Also, thanks to the Texas A & M University Regents Ambassador Program for sending so many Aggie volunteers to make this fun and free family event happen!!!

Summer Reading Club Scintillating Science Day 2014

Wonderful performers came to the library this summer!

Tejas Storyteller and Musician
Tejas Storyteller and Musician

Dan Gibson kept the children in rapt attention and he entertained the adults at the same time with constant audience participation, movement, and skillful musicianship. His heirloom banjo fascinated both children and adults. He tailored each performance to the particular ages of the children who attended.

Mr. Gibson fostered literacy when he encouraged the children to finish rhymes and provide new words to songs.

He sparked creativity in the children when he got the children to supply new words and ideas from their own daily experience to adapt the traditional songs he performed.

His performance was a skillful rendering of various daguerreotypes from American history framed with old-time banjo playing and his sweet voice.

Dan Gibson is a national treasure.