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Toddler Pirates song by Bobbee Pennington & Catherine Ezzell

Those toddlers steal our hearts away!
Those toddlers steal our hearts away!
Catherine and I made up this song in 2007 to go with a pirate theme storytime..
This is sung to the tune of the old folk-pirate song: Yo HO HO and a Bottle of Rum
In storytimes for the last verse, I have the toddlers turn to thier mommies and wave goodbye and then we all cry…

Yo ho ho and a sippy cup of milk! (2X)

The favorite words of toddler pirates are

“No!” and “Mine!”

We even tantrum in a store and

Sometimes leave you crying!

Yo ho ho and a sippy cup of milk! (2X)

We throw ourselves right on the floor

and then we kick and scream.

We want to have our own way and so we

make a scene.

Yo ho ho and a sippy cup of milk! (2X)

We’re toddler pirates come to steal your

heart away.

We grow up too soon, too soon, and then

we sail away….

Yo ho ho and a sippy cup of milk! (2X)

Graham crackers for my parrot and me!

Mama’s story & song…

Around this time, near my Mama’s birthday, I really miss her. She has passed on, but the legacy that she left endures. Here is a true story about my wonderful mother. The name of the bakery is changed, but it is all true!

Local children’s author and poet, Catherine Ezzell!

Local children’s author and poet, Catherine Ezzell will be on hand at the January 23 storytime to read two of her poems!
Here is a little bit about Ms. Ezzell from her own pen. I think her story is very inspiring:

“My name is Catherine Ezzell. I was born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate. I could not breathe on my own at first. I also could not talk properly and have always had difficulty swallowing food.

I am the daughter of two newspaper editors and am one of six children, four of whom have advanced college degrees. My mother was my first and only speech therapist until I was a junior in high school. Prior to that time I had five surgeries to correct the cleft lip and cleft palate problems and wore braces on my teeth. I was also very skinny and still have trouble gaining weight.

I acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a Library Science minor in 1972 and became Assistant Children’s Librarian at the Bryan Public Library that same year. In 1977 I acquired a Master’s Degree in Library Science at Texas Woman’s University and returned to Bryan Public Library (now Clara B. Mounce Public Library) to serve as the Technical Services Librarian.

In 2012 I retired from that position, although I continue to volunteer in the Technical Services Department and the Children’s Department. I am a storyteller. I also write children’s poetry and love reading my poems aloud to children of all ages.” – Catherine Ezzell